Timeline: Live Broadcast KSW
Camera: Sony X400, Hj14

Berkeley Apprentice Video
Camera: Alexa Mini, Zeiss CP2

Music Promo: Kid Zero
Camera: Alexa Mini, Cooke S5

Made In Chelsea
Camera: Amira, Angeniuex

Red Create
Camera: Sony F55, Zeiss Super Speeds

Pitch: Euro 2020 Volunteers
Camera: Sony F55, K35

Feature: Silent Night
Camera: Red Hellium, Kowa anamorphics

Tvc: LinkedIn
Camera: Alexa Mini, Canon K35's
Music Promo: I am Boleyn 'Limit of Love'
Camera: RED Weapon, Zeiss CP2's

Short Film: Our Largest
Camera: Arri Amira, Baltar Primes

Music Promo: Jungle 'Smile'
Camera: Alexa Mini, Master Primes

Short Film: Widdershins
Alexa Mini, Cooke Anamorphics
Music Promo: Ambush 'A.M.B'
Camera: Steadicam, Alexa Mini, Cooke Panchro

Short Film: Losing Grace
Camera: Alexa Mini, Cooke Anamorphic

Music Promo: Ambush 'Eastenders'
Camera: Alexa Mini, Cooke Panchro

Live Broadcast: Blast Premier
LDX Compact, CJ12





Luke Snowball

Steadicam Owner operator, Camera Op
I'm a London based Steadicam owner Operator. I've been in the Film and TV industry for many years, gaining a deep understanding of what is required to make the production run smoothly. During my career, I've been involved with many productions at various levels, ranging from low budget music videos, to commercials and features. I've enjoyed every step to get to where I am today and continue to with passion.

Steadicam Shadow V
G-70 X arm
Tilta Nucleus Wireless Follow Focus
SmallHD 503 monitor

I'm fully insured and can source equipment needed for production.

For enquiries, please contact us:
Tel Number: 07775 508420
Email: lukesnowball@gmail.com
Diary Service (Wizzo & Co.) Tel: 020 7437 2055